Your roof is the most important feature in every house/building since it provides you the insulation to keep the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer and protects you from the rain, wind, hail, sunlight, and snow. For that reason, you must have top-notch roofing that not only looks good but also perform well under seasonal pressure.


The most important piece of your house/building is your roof

We perform our services for the below roofs:
·      Torch down
·      Clay tile
·      Slate Tile
·      Cement Tile
·      Shingle Roofs
·      Metal Roofs
·      Flat Roofs


You can layer new shingles on top of already existing ones if your roof is in overall good shape and has no major water damage, mushy or broken shingles. Re-roofing can only be done once so this is not an option for homes with more than one layer of roofing. You only should re-roof your entire roof rather than partially and avoid re-roofing if there is rotting beneath the existing shingles. If re-roofing is not an option for you, then you have to replace your entire roof.


Your roof shields your house from the environment. Depending on the type/material of the roof, the tiles might move during extreme winds or earthquakes, they might crack from the sunlight and nails pop out, or they might prematurely age from algae. In most cases, they all lead to roof leaks and you might not even notice it for years until in a heavy rain season the gravity pulls the water into your house or attic which in that stage your wood frame could already be damaged.


Your roof plays an important role in your house, not just to protect you, but also to make your house look appealing, also an important factor that impacts your home value. Every roof has a life span of 15 to 30 years if you maintain them correctly and depending on the quality of the material and proper installation. Nowadays there are a variety of options available for your roof replacement from metal to environmentally friendly material that lasts long.


Just like how your car needs maintenance and tune-up, so does your roof, especially if you want to extend the lifespan of your roof and prevent water leak and molds. Every couple of years you need to have a professional check out your roof for broken/cracked tiles moved/missing pieces, or even molds and rotten spots. The roof specialist will replace the missing/broken pieces, glues the opened up parts and makes sure your roof is healthy. Maintaining your roof will also save you money in the long run.

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Here is what our happy customers say about us:

I had a great experience

I had a great experience in working with Vlad and his crew at my rental property. He basically did 2 roofs at once as the property has a larger then normal detached 3 car garage. The new roof changed the entire look of the house. I will definitely be calling them when it's time to re roof my primary residence.

steven w.

Los Angeles, CA

I would strongly recommend them

Really really grateful for everything they have done for us.  With all the crazy weather we discovered a leak where our weather head attaches to our roof.
Based on my experience I would strongly recommend them!

Mike L.

Calabasas, CA

10 stars!!!!!

As soon as the rain came we found multiple leaks in our roof.  Factor Roofing came out right away on an emergency service call and took care of the job very quickly.  Ask for Vladimir! He was very professional and organized.  I wish I could give them 10 stars!

EVAn s.

Los Angeles, CA

the quality of work is fantastic

I have used Vlad on several roofs (and more to come). He has always had the best prices and the quality of work is fantastic. Highly recommend you reach out to Factor Roofing on your next roofing job.

matias s.

West Hollywood, CA